About us
Company Overview
The company was founded to become one of the largest integrated steel and aluminum production and trading companies in the region.
Company culture
Start With Customer's requirements,and finish with customer's satisfaction. Better Together, Better World.
Looking to the future
Take the next step & leap into the forefront of your industry with CSSC
Product application
Products are widely used in construction, light industry, automotive, agriculture, animal husbandry, and simple commercial use.
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Our market
China South Steel exports to countries - Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, South Asia: Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Central Asia: Uzbekistan, East Asia: Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Middle East: Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Africa: Egypt, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ethiopia, South America: Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Central America: Panama, Colombia, etc.
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沙钢集团 马钢集团 邯钢公司 烨辉(中国)
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